Mr AnthonyUgori

President, Nkwerre Aborigines Union, (UK & N. Ireland).



Nkwerre Aborigines Union (UK & N. Ireland) established in 1984 with a secretariat in London.


A non-profit making voluntary organisation. The Nkwerre Aborigines Union (NAU) membership consists of indigines of Nkwerre, IMO State, Nigeria. Spouses and children are eligible to be members also.


There are over 500 registered members of the UK & N. Ireland branch which is linked to other NAU branches in Africia, America and Europe.


The organisation structure is managed by an elected President and Executive Committee that meets monthly with its members. NAU has a constitution which is regularly reviewed.


The aim of NAU is to have a social networking forum to contribute to the upkeep and promotion of its culture, economic and social progress for its members in the UK & N. Ireland and support charitiable causes in Nkwerre, Nigeria and within the UK and N. Ireland that will benefit indigines of Nkwerre.


Latest news

General Meetings held

1st Sunday 

each month February to November


Time: 6pm to 9pm


Venue : Stamford Hill Community Centre, Stamford Hill, London N16.


All members, youths and children welcome to attend.


Last General Election

was held on 9th August 2017

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